We started in the home energy business 20 years ago. We have helped hundreds of home owners stay comfortable and save thousands of dollars on their heating and cooling bills.

We are a local Florida company that is licensed and insured. We offer competitive pricing and the best warranties in the industry. We are a “No risk” company which means we accept absolutely no money until the job is completed.

FixMyAttic assesses and corrects attic problems. 

We specialize in:

  • Adding insulation.

  • Removing insulation when necessary.

  • Sanitization of attic.

  • Installation of radiant barrier.

  • Correcting ventilation problems.

  • Installation of solar attic fans.

  • Repairing, insulating or replacing existing ductwork.

We offer FREE attic inspections. That means your first appointment will consist of our company inspecting your attic and let you know what is wrong with it, if anything and what insulation service we think would work best for you based on the problem and your needs.